Our Philosophy

XCEL Corp’s work ethic is deeply influenced by our CEO, Jit Goel’s philosophy. When the ideology of your leader is influential, it becomes the philosophy of everyone within the organization. Over the years, our company has evolved and stayed up to date with technology while providing the very best for our customers. The only thing that hasn’t changed about XCEL Corp is our Philosophy. It has inspired us, motivated us, and kept us on track even through the most difficult downturns in our business.

We are guided by 3 simple concepts in our philosophy; they are Piety, Passion, and Pursuit. While the words may seem clichéd and redundant, the way we define these words within our business is what makes all the difference.


We believe the work we do is the most important thing in life. We consider our work as worship and much more. The work we do enables us to perform our duties as an employee, our duties at home with family, and all our recreational and entertainment activity. We at XCEL Corp put our work first above all else and dedicate the best of what we are in performing our work.


Jit Goel believes work is not we do to make money. Instead, we work because we love doing what we do. When work is something that you love doing, it becomes more than a job; it becomes a Passion. This passion for doing things you love the way you want to, needs freedom and support. At XCEL Corp, we ensure the right environment in enabling you to follow your passion for freedom.


Life in XCEL Corp, and in general is a continuous pursuit in becoming better and having an unquenchable affinity towards learning. We provide adequate opportunities for everyone at XCEL Corp to pursue learning and knowledge in order to keep improving ourselves. This is one of the ways for us to stay updated with cutting-edge technology at all times.

Our philosophy is the basis for all internal and external interactions and communications. The piety also governs our employee interactions and how we treat each other at work and outside of it. The passion is the fuel for our organization. Where people come together to follow their passions it reflects on the work we deliver. Our constant pursuit for improvement has helped us to stay ahead of the competition and never lack behind in terms of technology or knowledge.