2007-The Most ‘Level Headed’ Among 40 Under 40 – Jit Goel


In 2007, popular business magazine NJBiz released its list of 40 business persons under 40 who made amazing contributions to entrepreneurship through their careers. With titles for each person in the list, Mr. Jit Goel, President and CEO of XCEL Corp was recognized as the most level-headed in the list. The magazine highlights remarkable moments in his career while showcasing his leadership skills.

Mr. Goel, reacting to the recognition by the magazine said, “This is quite an honor for me.” He added saying, “The fact that NJBiz included me in its selection of “40 Under 40,” signals that my constant effort to deliver excellent work has paid off. It is gratifying to be recognized in this way.”

The mention in the magazine also talks about Mr. Goel’s incredible growth trajectory saying, “In 1999, he registered XCEL Solutions Corp. Today, the IT services provider employs more than 100 people and counts numerous corporate heavyweights among its clients.”

Talking to the magazine, the recipient spoke about his father as his inspiration and the values that he learned on how “determination, hard work, and compassion will lead to success and bring you a strong sense of values.”

The magazine goes on to speak about Mr. Goel’s perseverance and his attitude towards facing challenges, converting them to be lessons he could learn from. Finally, the article mentions Mr. Goel’s associations with the business community including Rotary Club International, the Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce and other organizations.