XCEL Raffle a Major Success at NJSBA 2017

Atlantic City, NJ; 20th May 2017: The Raffle Contest held by XCEL Solutions Corp of Matawan, New Jersey was a huge success during the NJSBA annual meeting and convention. The event was hosted at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey for 3 days between 17-19th of May. Over 3000 attorneys from all across the state of New Jersey took part in the event and almost a hundred registrations were made for the raffle.

The registrations were made on a web application exclusively made for the contest by XCEL Corp. The application was created with a highly advanced algorithm to prevent any kind of bias while selecting the winner. The application also had a user-friendly interface which worked fast and seamlessly to help legal professionals at the event to register for the contest in quick time.

There were two different prizes for the Raffle. 1. An Apple Mac Book 2. An Apple iPad. The attractive prizes drew many attendees at the event to register for the contest even during the last few minutes before the announcement of the winners. The results were selected by the application by random and the winners were announced exactly at 12:30 PM EST by Jit Goel, the CEO of XCEL Corp.

Winners were Robert Gardinor, Paralegal, Nationwide and Blake Laurence, Attorney, Davison Eastman & Munoz for the Mac Book and the iPad respectively. The prizes were presented to the winners by Michael Green, Founder, LegalSplit. The winners were extremely elated on winning the prizes and also were excited about contesting through an application for the raffle.

“It is quite novel for conducting a Raffle Contest through a web application, it was perfectly made and very easy to register,” said Mr. Gardinor. Mr. Laurence said “I was surprised when my name was announced as the winner. Great work by XCEL Corp for making this contest possible during the event.”

The winners also got to learn about the newly launched LegalSplit website by XCEL Corp from the company’s CEO Jit Goel. After examining the website and its features, Mr.Laurence quipped “It is a very innovate solution, especially for the legal services industry. I believe this website will make life easy for numerous divorce attorneys and their clients.”

“LegalSplit is a perfect solution for divorced couples and their attorneys. It offers a completely integrated platform make payments, track bills, pay alimony, and child support,” said Mr. Gardinor. “As a paralegal, I would recommend all divorce attorneys to at least try LegalSplit once in their profession,” he added.

XCEL Corp would also be launching their new Next-Gen AI powered digital marketing platform InteractiveUX very soon. It is set to redefine digital marketing through state-of-the-art technology and innovation to help businesses make a great impact in digital space.