Fertile Partnerships for Accelerated Growth

Find the right partnerships help you to elevate your enterprise to greater levels. The partners you work with also explain a lot about your enterprise as well. Being one of the leading Global IT Solutions providers, XCEL Corp has partnered with a large number of highly reputed and widely recognized enterprises around the world.

Our Partners

Our partnerships with technological giants like IBM, SAP, Oracle, Callidus, Sun Microsystems, BigAgi, Alfresco, Visual Rule, and InterSystems has enabled us to stay updated and in trend with the latest advancements in Technology. Our partners ensure that customers working with XCEL Corp are always delivered services created with authentic technology to improve dependability.

Constant interaction with our partners has resulted in mutual benefit with our partners getting first hand customer feedback while we are able to give our clients the latest advancements technology has to offer.
Our association with our partners is also a testimony to the transparency, financial stability XCEL Corp has consistently demonstrated for several years.