Managed Services

As the influence of IT services spreads across several verticals in large enterprises and small/medium business, these companies are looking for managed services to free up time and resources to focus on their core competency. Managed Services are simply outsourcing certain management aspects of your business to improve operational efficiency and become cost-effective.

Many large and medium-sized enterprises are looking to managed services as a method to stay updated with the current IT technology and acquire the necessary skills to effectively manage costs, quality control, and reduce risk. In general, managed services enable enterprises to assign a day to day operations related to technology to managed service providers.

Applications of Managed Services

Managed Services are most commonly used in the areas of monitoring, connectivity, Database management, Data recovery and security, and virtualization. Being a premier Managed Services Provider, XCEL Corp offers an extensive range of services including

≫ Business to Business Integration
≫ Information Services
≫ Infrastructure Management
≫ Media
≫ Transportation
≫ Supply Chain Management Services


While many managed service providers offer their services to large and medium-sized enterprises, XCEL Corp also focuses on custom managed services for small business as well. Contrary to the pretention that managed services are expensive, Custom Managed Services offered by XCEL Corp aim to address the specific needs of small businesses, while keeping a constant check on the cost involved.

Unveil The XCEL Advantage:

The major challenge in Managed Services is not the lack of the availability of service providers, but the lack of skill and expertise to execute managed services. With highly trained and certified professionals providing managed services at XCEL Corp, we possess the right skills and expertise to execute managed services for your business flawlessly.