With large enterprises showing importance to competitiveness, many are looking towards IT solutions to offer more time and resources towards innovation. XCEL Corp’s solutions are intended to enable our clients to allocate their resources to where they need it most – focusing on innovation and their customers. We provide comprehensive solutions that become a major boost to your enterprise’s IT infrastructure. We ensure that the technology that you use is always updated and state of the art.

Our Set of Industry Specific Solutions Include:

Enterprise Applications


Enterprise applications that enable you to transform seamlessly to the digital world. Experience increased connectivity, customer satisfaction, and greater control of your man power.

BIGDATA Services


Custom made Big Data Solutions to derive actionable insights. Stop experimenting; make effective business decisions based on reliable facts.



Reach your customers where they are. Add mobility to your business and reach a wider audience. Deliver services to customers on the run.



Step into a world of highly efficient business process management. Increase efficiency, ensure consistency in quality and acquire the ability to adapt quickly.

 Information technology industry is constantly growing with new updates coming out every day. We at XCEL Corp strive to keep ourselves at the edge of growing technology so that our clients could always access the latest technology available. XCEL Corp’s solutions are reliable and efficient to give our customers the best that technology has to offer.