Cloud Computing

Delivering Services on Demand

Enterprises around the world are undergoing digital transformation to stay updated and competitive in their respective markets. The success and failure of their digital transformation predominantly depends on their ability leverage cloud computing. Enterprises require the help of experts to find and utilize the right solutions the cloud platform has to offer. Moreover, the changing demographics have created an increasing demand of services on the cloud platform. Choosing the ideal cloud computing service provider for your enterprise is important for you to deliver what your customer requires.

Over the past decade, XCEL Corp has facilitated diverse small business and large enterprises to adapt to cloud seamlessly. The major segments of our cloud computing services are

Cloud Strategy and Consulting

1. Cloud Strategy And Consulting

XCEL Corp’s cloud computing consultants are unrivaled in experience to help you choose the right cloud platforms that are most advantageous for your enterprise. We help you in getting your cloud strategy right.

Cloud App Services

2. Cloud App Services

Whether you are upgrading your already existing cloud application or creating a brand new cloud application, XCEL Corp helps your enterprise ease into cloud computing effortlessly. Our services comprise of both monitoring and migrating cloud computing solutions on all platforms including IaaS and PaaS.

Infrastructure Services

3. Infrastructure Services

XCEL Corp’s Cloud Infrastructure services are intended to support building, planning, and managing cloud environments with minimum effort and maximum ROI.

Cloud Software

4. Cloud Software

Through Cloud Software services, XCEL Corp helps enterprises in shifting majority of their operations and services to cloud including CRM, Human Resource, Finance and Supply Chain Management in the SaaS platform.

Management Services

5. Management Services

XCEL Corp’s Cloud Management services have impacted enterprises around the world to improve operational ability, comprehensive integration of components, and better IT maintenance of their cloud applications across all platforms.