Live Chat: the Secret weapon for SME Business Growth


Are you looking for a simple way to improve your small business? Enterprise Chat helps you. Chat is not a new innovation, yet in a connected world, associations are discovering more uses of it, as an approach to engage with customers and to increase overall revenues.  Live Chat has made its place very rapidly in the industry. It helped to increase customer satisfaction with a staggering rate of 73% compared to traditional channels such as email and telephone. Video chat becomes an essential part of the live chat software, which helps companies to further improve their customer experience.

Business Live chat software

Live Chat is the primary potential for business growth. More quickly than email and easier than phone calls, instant messaging is a convenient way to ask simple questions, rebound ideas or send everyone a memo. You and your employees can also use chat platforms to collaborate in real time with file sharing, audio, and video calls, project management and more.

Why would any small or large organization fail to leverage this fact? It is true that companies spend a great deal to create their own chat application to improve communication, teamwork, and access at all levels. The development of apps for enterprise communication is certainly tough than for any other purpose, as the conditions and preferences vary greatly from one organization to another. It is much harder to find the best player in a pool of team chat app developers and enterprise messaging solution.

XCEL Corp is a versatile chat app development solution that addresses business-grade needs such as high scalability, top-of-the-line security, customization, and other sophistication. It’s a native solution and therefore its performance is uncompromising. The platform can be used independently and can be integrated into other applications and websites, making it a multi-usable chat application platform that saves time and effort for development. It can be used for multi-channel messaging, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

What are the benefits of Chat App for a Business?

Live chat can be an enormous benefit for online business models, in particular e-commerce. This is because the platform allows companies to attend to their online customers in the same way that they do with their physical store customers.

From the point of view of the customer, having someone to answer their questions in real time and with precision not only leads to a better customer experience but also increases their confidence in the brand. The following are many more benefits that live chat can bring in your organization.

Enhance Communication

Everybody in the team is just a tap away. You can even call them if necessary. Most team chats include screen sharing, video chat, and call facility for conferences. Everyone has to say something. When you permit them the space to state it, you create obligations of trust with them. A good team hangs together, it talks together and cooperates. At the point when there is something to be done, everybody is prepared to contribute. Live Chat is fundamental for any business since it constructs compatibility with the client.

Develop your team’s mobile chat app to open a window for your clients. If you have the entire team ready to chat with customers, you are assured that you will build a company significantly.

Safe Product Information Sharing

You can share information and data about your product with your customers in real time. That’s what they want, and if you give it to them, you and your product will react positively. To do this, you have to publish as much material on your official website as possible. However, setting them up when you’re on the chat app helps people see the strengths of your product or service, which will convince them to choose. Since the channel is on the chat channel, all data is secure. You can give your product or service confidential information without problems.

Pictures clearly tell a message

It’s much clearer when we see a picture than when we read about the product. Thus, by using the chat channel, you can send clear and easy to understand information about your product. Companies that communicate with their customers using a chat app service can cover a larger customer base in a short time. They reach people from all over the world and can sell more. A video chat app helps simplify the product or service, as everyone can follow their message without words.

Assign and discuss tasks for your project

It is easy to delegate tasks and discuss future tasks with members of the team at a personal level. You don’t have to call them across the phone. Use the company chat app to allocate specific tasks to specific individuals. You can take photos of the task that details what you need to do and send them with this chat app. It takes the tediousness out of the task. You don’t have to plan meetings or find the right time to let people know what to do. You can tape and send it if necessary. It also makes the message clearer to everyone by using a chat app.

Training and management of new recruits

If you have recruitment or a batch of recruits, you must train them in the manner in which they have to behave at work or call for trainees. For such works, you can use chat app as it helps to bring people closer, to get their attention and to deliver. This is especially important for recruits who have recently joined and have to find their way. The use of the chat app helps them to orient themselves properly. They can receive training and follow better instructions. This chat app is superb as a management tool. It takes unnecessary time and effort.

Makes reporting efficient

Many organizations have a huge amount of work to do in their field.  If you have a chat application, it helps management bring the team together with real-time reporting about the events on the ground. Using this personal company chat app helps make it a breeze. You can see what happens on the ground and hear reports on it, and that makes the whole thing safe.

Make your business communications sharp and more efficient by using the business chat app. XCEL Corp is a well- known Indian offshore Software Development Company specializing in Mobile Application Development, PHP, NodeJS, AngularJS and WordPress website development. We also offer solutions for mobile, cloud computing and e-commerce.

Get on board to experience the greatest and most reliable relationship with us!

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